International Conference of Biotechnology on Health and Agriculture 2017

December 29 - 30, 2017 | Dhaka, Bangladesh

Deadline for abstract submission: October 30, 2017

Each registrant may submit one abstract of his or her presentation during the conference. Please take note that all abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee. They will decide on the final acceptance for either oral or poster presentation for each abstract. All registrants will be advised accordingly by 30th November 2017.

  1. All abstracts must be in ENGLISH, the combined length of the abstract title, list of authors, and body should not exceed 300 words. Please be sure to carefully check your abstract for content errors, spelling, names, etc. before submitting. GNOBB does not proofread for correct spelling, typographical, grammatical, or scientific errors, nor can changes be made once the abstract is submitted.

  2. Title should be brief, in bold capital letters at the top of the abstract.

  3. Author(s) should be listed by family name and first name, with the presenting author’s name underlined. The designation and organization should immediately follow the authors’ names. (Organization/Institute, department, city, state, country of author).

  4. Text must be typed single-spaced, font 12 Times New Roman with only the left margin justified.

  5. Leave one line between the title/author/institution and the body of the abstract.

  6. Each abstract should contain: (a) an introductory sentence indicating the objective of the abstract (b) main content, including methods and results if relevant and (c) conclusions. It is expected that the abstract will include the summary of the original presentation.

  7. Graphs, tables and illustration cannot be included in the abstract.

  8. The abstract document MUST BE in WORD.doc format. Any other file type WILL NOT be accepted.

NOTE: Abstract can be submitted only after paying the conference registration fee. Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the conference scientific committee and selected abstracts will ONLY be accepted upon receipt of registration and payment for the conference fee. Confirm your payment and registration following the payment instruction given in the registration section. Submit the abstract by October 30, 2017. Fate of the abstract will be notified by November 30, 2017.