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27th International Biology Olympiad (IBO 2016) at Hanoi, Vietnam

Dhaka, 18th July, 2016.   The 27th International Biology Olympiad (IBO 2016) is being held in Hanoi, Vietnam from 17th through 24 July.  The International Biology Olympiad (IBO) is a regional competition for secondary school students. All participating countries send their top students, who are winners in their respective National Biology Olympiad (NBO). This is the first ti

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A new article by Zeba I. Seraj et al. in the current issue of Journal of Cereal Science

July 15,  2016. With a good deal of pleasure GNOBB announce the publication of an article entitled, “Variability in amylose content of Bangladeshi rice cultivars due to unique SNPs in Waxy allele.” in the current issue of Journal of Cereal Science  ( July 11) by Saima Shahida, , Rokeya Beguma,, Samsad Razzaquea, Jesminb, and Zeba I. Seraj at the Department of BMB, D

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Dr. Parvez Haris at the DMU, Leicester UK has been conferred full professorship and a personal Chair

 July 12, 2016. The application of Dr. Parvez Haris  at De Montfort University Leicester,  Leicester,UK for professorship by the Professorial & Readership Board, has been successful and that the Board has  agreed unanimously to confer upon him the higher award of a personal chair and the  title of Professor of Biomedical Science. We all feel very proud of the honor bestowed

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Eid Mubarak !

Dhaka the 4th of July, 2016. GNOBB wishes heartfelt greetings to all its members and well-wishers on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, 2016. May the essence of Ramadan bloom into our lives with the enjoyment that Eid brings?  May this  holy Eid-ul-Fitr brings to us the prosperous and peaceful life we all seek for. [Communicated by Ms Sabrina Elias, a graduate student of Profess

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The June issue of the Journal of PTC&B (vol. 16, No. 1) has just been uploaded.

June 24, ‘ 16. It’s with a great sense of pleasure that the editorial committee of Bangladesh Journal of Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology announces the publication of the  current (June) issue i.e., volume 16, No. 1. The issue  contains 13 articles of which one is on transformation and the remainder on plant tissue culture.  For the first time the journal contains an

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Wheat Blast in Bangladesh – a deadly disease causing enormous crop loss

Dear Researchers,  Wheat blast is a fearsome fungal disease of wheat. It was first discovered in Paraná State of Brazil in 1985. It spread rapidly to other South American countries such as Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Argentina, where it infects up to 3 million hectares and causes serious crop losses. Wheat blast was also detected in Kentucky, USA, in 2011.   In

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Launching a digital course through Duke and Coursera called Innovation & Design for Global Grand Challenges

Professor Dr Zeba I. Seraj at the DMB, Dhaka University has forwarded the following conveyed to her by Dr. Alex Dehgan, thinking that this may be of interest to the PEER community Dear Fellow Fellows, On Monday, June 20th, I am launching a digital course through Duke and Coursera called Innovation & Design for Global Grand Challenges.  It is about how to harness exponential

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Metabolic Science: Driving Bio-industry and Beyond – an International Conference in Shanghai October 20-23, ’16

June 16, 2016. An  International Conference on Metabolic Science (ICMS 2016)  jointly organized by the State Key Laboratory of Microbial Metabolism (SKLMM) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), China, and the Division of Bioprocess and Bioseparation Engineering (BBE), Asian Federation of Biotechnology (AFOB) will be held October 20-23, ’16 in Nanjiao  Shanghai, China. While

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The 49th issue of the online newsletter “BioLife”

The 49th issue of the online newsletter “BioLife” by ACI Agribusinesses is now available. “BioLife” highlights the new developments and technologies in the agriculture sector along with the various activities of ACI Agribusinesses. Please find the attachment of “BioLife” with this email. Your opinion and suggestions regarding “BioLife” will always be appreciated. We

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Carrot Genome cracked

June 7, 2016. In the recent issue of Nature, cracking of the carrot genome has been reported. With the knowledge in hand, carrot breeders will be able to evolve improved varieties incorporating genes of interest such as those which will impart disease-, pest resistant capabilities to this popular crop.

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