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Androgenesis, a rare phenomenon in animals explains the invasive occurrence of Corbicula

An article entitled, “Androgenesis: a review through the study of the selfish shellfish Corbicula spp. has been published in the June issue of Heredity108, 581-591. K Van Doninck and associates have shown that there is duplication of chromosome number of the male clam species. This mode of aggressive asexual reproduction accounts for the widespread occurrence of clam speciest

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Habitat Fragmentation and its effect on genetic diversity in beech populations in Central Italy

An article entitled, “Effect of Habitat Fragmentation on the Genetic Diversity and Structure of Peripheral Populations of Beech in Central Italy by Paolo Menozzi and associates was published online in April 11 in J. Hered. (2012) 103(3): 408-417. The authors assayed 11 isozyme loci in 856 individuals in 27 marginal populations of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) in Central I

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A new isoform of steroid receptor coactivator-1

 A GNOBB member, Dr. Khurshida Begum is one of the nine authors of an article entitled, “A new isoform of steroid receptor coactivator-1 is crucial for pathogenic progression of endometriosis” . The article has been published online in the 3rd May issue of Nature Medicine. GNOBB would like to felicitate her warmly for being a part of this valuable contribution. We wish her God

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Protected: Resistant genes against Bemisia attack discovered in an accession of a wild relative of tomato.

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Study on the locus containing the gene FaOMT in strawberry contributing to various degrees of its aroma

Furaneol and mesifurane are two important flavor compounds in strawberries as in many other fruits.  Strawberry varieties vary a good deal in their proportion as well as in their amounts during the ripening process. In the June 3, 2012 issue of Plant Physiology (pp. 851-870), Zorrilla-Fontanesi and associates published the results of their investigation on the analysis of strawbe

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Comparison between Tomato Genome Sequence and its wild relative, Solanum pimpinellifolium reveal newly acquired gene functions controlling fruit color.

An article entitled, “The tomato genome sequence provides insights into fleshy fruit evolution” has been published in Nature in its 31st May issue 48: 635–641. As many as 51 scientists under the Tomato Genome Consortium took part in this investigation. In this article a high-quality genome sequence of tomato Solanum lycopersicum has been compared with a draft sequence of its

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Pl. send your comments

Dear GNOBB members, I have myself checked and found all the functionality of the website working fine. Some members initially sent their comments but now it’s quiet for the last few days. About use of PayPal, there is hardly any response after 8 members paid their annual dues. Now the new website has become user friendly.  Subject to Coordinator’s approval any paid member ca

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Prof. Ahmed A. Azad’s article on Environment-friendly strategies for long-term energy security

The well-known GNOBB member Professor Ahmed A. Azad has published an article in today’s The Daily Sun. The following URL has been kindly provided by the author. If any GNOBB member wishes to make any comment on the article, he/she can do so in the GNOBB website subject to its approval by the moderator .

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Heartiest Congratulations to Mustak

It is the dream Mustak Ibn Ayub of every brilliant student to get admitted in Oxford University to do Ph.D. (The degree is called D. Phil. at Oxford). Mr. Mustak Ibn Ayub, one of the most brilliant products of Dhaka University has achieved that extraordinary feat. He is the recipient of a Commonwealth Scholarship that has made it possible for him to pursue his studies in O

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Request feedback from dear members who voted about the quality of the new website

Dear members We are pleased to note that the members have expressed their candid opinion about the new website. Of the nineteen votes cast, three have rated it to be excellent, five as good and two as bad. The remaining nine are of the opinion that it can be improved. Certainly the site can be improved but for that Webmaster needs feedback on which he can work. We are also curious

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