Heartiest congratulation to Professor Dr. Zeba I. Seraj and her team for their recent publication on “In Planta transformation for conferring salt tolerance to a tissue-culture unresponsive indica rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivar”

Most of the farmer popular indica rice varieties are recalcitrant to tissue culture dependent transformation method. In this study, a simple in planta transformation method for indica rice genotype was developed with higher transformation efficiencies than earlier reports. Overnight-soaked mature seeds were infected with Agrobacterium containing salt tolerance-enhancing Pea DNA Helicase45 (PDH45) gene with both the reporter and selectable marker genes. Furthermore, Presence of transgene was confirmed by gene-specific PCR, southern and semi-quantitative RT-PCR. Moreover, under 120 mM NaCl (salinity stress) at seedling stage,  two  transformed lines showed significantly lower electrolyte leakage, lower Na+/K+, minimal leaf damage, and higher chlorophyll content under stress, compared to the WT at the T2 generation.

Please find the link of the article:

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