Workshop on CRISPR/Cas9

A workshop on 'Application of Genome editing (CRISPR/Cas9) technique for Crop Improvement', 23-27 July, 2018 will be held at Department of Botany, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The workshop is jointly organised by Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Laboratory, Department of Botany, University of Dhaka, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and University of Kiel. The primary focus of the workshop is to provide a vast array of theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the revolutionary genome editing technology called CRISPR/Cas9. Dr. Hans-Joachim Harloff, University of Kiel, Germany is going to conduct the hands on training as the key resource person. In addition to that, Dr. Tahmina Islam, Department of Botany, University of Dhaka will assist him as a Co-trainer. The main target is to provide the participants with an opportunity to gain hands on expertise and experience regarding the applications of CRISPR/Cas9 in crop improvement.

CRISPR/Cas9 is a modern genome editing technology, which has changed the very foundation of genetic engineering. It has made gene modification much more simplistic and feasible. On top of that, it has increased the editing efficiency many folds compared to other editing tools like ZFNs and TALENs. So far, successful editing has been reported in many agronomically important crops namely rice, wheat, corn, potato, tomato, barley, oilseed etc. The types of gene modifications achieved are numerous ranging from disease resistance to yield improvement to stress tolerance and so on.

In total, 25 participants will attend the workshop; this includes students from Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Laboratory, Department of Botany, Department of Biochemistry, University of Dhaka, scientists from other Universities and research institutes namely BCSIR, NIB etc. The program will surely help the participants to understand this indispensable tool of molecular biology and enable them to utilize it in the improvement of Bangladeshi crop varieties.

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