Dr. Abidur Rahman

Dr. Abidur Rahman has more than 40 publications published in high impact factor journals including Plant cell, Plant journal, Plant physiology, Plant Cell Physiology, Physiologia Plantarum, Trends in Plant Science etc. His research is focused on Auxin signaling in abiotic stress tolerance especially cold stress. One of his articles was selected as featured article for November issue of Plant Cell (20:3065-3069), one was selected as a featured article for April issue of Plant Physiology (146:1651-1662) by Peter V. Minorsky, two articles were nominated and evaluated as must read articles published in Plant Journals.

His contribution towards the understanding of stress biology through Auxing signaling is praise worthy. He also published several review articles and book chapters. His google scholar profile reflects that his research work has great impact on the other researchers' area of interest in abiotic stress tolerance.