Professor Rahmatullah

After coming back to Bangladesh in 2000, Professor Rahmatullah started his research in various directions including phytoremediation of arsenic from soil and utilizing small ponds and ditches to cultivate climbing perch fish (Bengali: koi).

From 2009, he started work in ethnopharmacology, and I believe that in Bangladesh he has pioneered this subject. His contributions to ethnopharmacology of Bangladesh are enormous as attested by his number of publications from this country including over 50 PubMed, over 200 SCOPUS and over 500 Google Scholar abstracted papers (these figures do not include his USA publications). He has obtained an international patent for his discovery of an extract from paddy husk that is active against a number of viral diseases (including HN series of viruses) and pancreatic cancer. He has been elected to be the President of the Asian Society of Pharmacognosy and also a Fellow of the International Society of Biotechnology.

To conclude, Professor Rahmatullah’s work, besides students, has benefitted farmers, fish cultivators and has helped document traditional ethomedicinal practices, which would prove useful in discovery of new medicines. Many of his direct students are working in the world leading university/labs (Harvard, MIT, Seoul, Queensland, Cambridge, Nottingham etc.) who were influenced only because of his inspiration and guidance.