LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD to DR AHMAD SHAMSUL ISLAM‘GNOBB Lifetime Achievement Award 2017’ honors the eminent scientist, Ahmad Shamsul Islam, Ph.D. in recognition of his enduring vision, creativity, and enormous contributions in forming the wonderful network of Bangladeshi biotechnologists, GNOBB. Professor Islam with his perseverance and pioneer steps started the journey of GNOBB in 2004 along with the other founder members with a provision of bridging the gap between proficient Bangladeshi biotechnologists working in different fields in different countries. Dr. Islam obtained his BSc honors and MSc degrees in Botany from Presidency College, India in 1945 and 1947 respectively and the Ph. D. degree from Manchester University. He has worked as a Professor in Department of Botany, University of Dhaka, Sindh University, Pakistan, has supervised 20 students for their Ph.D. in various areas of genetics and breeding and has about 100 publications in local and international journals including Nature, Science, SABRAI J, Japanese J plant breeding, Journal of heredity etc. He has served as editor of Bangladesh Journal of Botany and Journal of PTC and Biotech and wrote a genetics textbook in Bengali for the undergraduate honors students. In honor of his contribution to research, teaching, and removal of illiteracy and in agriculture Professor Islam has been endowed with one of the country’s highest award, namely Ekushey Padak, President’s Gold Medal and Bangladesh Academy of Science gold medal in 1986. From all perspective – research, education, and organizational contributions – Professor Ahmad Shamsul Islam have been absolutely stellar as a leader, to create a better Bangladesh. GNOBB is profoundly delighted to honor him and his work with the Lifetime achievement award.


GNOBB AWARD 2017 (Category 1) outstanding scientist working in Bangladesh

Professor Rahmatullah‘GNOBB Award 2017 (Category 1) outstanding scientist working in Bangladesh’ tributes the distinguished scientist, Mohammed Rahmatullah, Ph.D. in recognition of his research activities in ethnopharmacology. Dr, Rahmatullah obtained his Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Master of Science degrees from the University of Dhaka in Biochemistry in 1974 and 1976, respectively. He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Hong Kong in 1982. Dr. Rahmatullah served as teaching/research fellow at Dhaka University, Kansas State University, Auburn University, and Weis Center for Research. After returning to Bangladesh, he served as Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences at Khulna University, University Of Development Alternative (UODA) and also as Pro-Vice Chancellor of UODA. His research in USA led to the discovery of a new subunit of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex. In Bangladesh, his research accomplishments include finding out a low-cost method of co-cultivation of ‘tilapia’ and ‘chitol’ fish, phytoremediation of arsenic from soil, and discovery of an extract from paddy husk, which is effective against various viral diseases and pancreatic cancer. From 2009 onwards, his research has been primarily in ethnopharmacology. He and his research group has thus far documented traditional medicinal practices of over 40 tribes of Bangladesh and over 300 folk medicinal practitioners of the country with emphasis on their phytotherapeutic practices. Thus far, Professor Rahmatullah has published nearly 600 papers in various scientific journals, over fifteen book chapters, and one book. He is also on the Editorial Board of a number of prestigious journals. He also has one international patent. GNOBB is overwhelmingly pleased to honor him and his work with the GNOBB AWARD 2017.


GNOBB AWARD 2017 (Category 2) outstanding Non Resident Bangladeshi Scientist

“GNOBB Award 2017 (Category 2) outstanding Non Resident Bangladeshi Scientist” tributes the renowned scientist, Abidur Rhman, Ph.D. in recognition of his research activities in Plant hormone biology. Dr. Rahman has done his B.Sc. and M.Sc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh and obtained his Ph.D degree from Kobe University, Japan. He worked as researcher in both Japan and USA till 2006. Dr. Rahman is currently working as an Associate Professor in Faculty of Agriculture at Iwate University, Japan. For his research study, he is acclaimed as an authority on the hormonal regulation of plant growth and development under optimum condition and various stresses. His published papers in prestigious journals, namely, Plant Cell and Plant Physiology bear eloquent testimony of his contribution to the world literature of growth and development of higher plants. He also serves in the editorial board of several renowned journals.

In addition to scholarly activities, Dr. Rahman is one of the co-founders of GNOBB. His valuable contribution has put GNOBB on a solid foundation. He has been the driving force behind the establishment of young BB. GNOBB is overwhelmingly pleased to honor him and his work with the GNOBB AWARD 2017.