5th ICBHA 2023 Conference

September 01 - 03, 2023 | Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Day 2 program       Registration (9:00-9:30 )    
  Abstarct Number Time  Speaker Name                                     Abstract title Reg ID  
Technical Session 3 Plant  Biotechnology  (main hall) Session chairs: Dr Mirza Mofazzal Islam, Director General, BINA and
Professor Dr Rakha Hari Sarker, Country Coordinator, South Asia Biosafety Program 
  KS-TS-3- 1 09:31 – 09:45 Dr Mahmudul Hasan
Patuakhali Science and Technology University
Split-CRISPR to advance the CRISPR/Cas-based genome editing in plants    
  TS-3- 2 09:46 – 09:55 Dr Md. Nurealam Siddiqui
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University
Genetic and molecular mechanisms of nitrogen use efficiency in cereal crops    
  TS-3- 3 09:56 – 10:05 Dr Muslima Khatun
National Institute of Biotechnology
Generation of Diabetes Friendly Higher Yielding Rice Through Multiplex CRISPR/Cas9: Progress at National Institute of Biotechnology PAM175
  TS-3- 4 10:06 – 10:15 Dr Dipali Rani Gupta
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University
New volatile metabolites of endophytic bacteria to control blast diseases in rice and wheat PAM308
  IS-TS-3- 5 10:15 – 10:24 Dr Rakha Hari Sarker
University of Dhaka
Biosafety regulations for research and release of genetically engineered plants in Bangladesh LM159  
    10:25 – 10:30 Q&A      
Technical Session 4 Animal and Fisheries  Biotechnology  (seminar hall) Session chairs: Dr Md Giasuddin, Head (Rtd), Animal Health Division, Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute and
Dr ABM Khaleduzzaman, Director Production, Department of Livestock
  KS-TS-4- 1 09:31 – 09:45 Dr Jahangir Alam
National Institute of Biotechnology
Animal Biotechnology Global Status: Situation in Bangladesh    
  KS-TS-4- 2 09:46 – 10:00 Dr Md. Samsul Alam
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Biotechnology for improving fish productivity    
  TS-4- 3 10:01 – 10:10 Dr S. M. Rafiqul Islam
University of Chittagong 
Insights into the microbiome diversity among hilsa fish gut, skin and surrounding water in Bangladesh PAM212  
  TS-4- 4 10:11 – 10:20 Dr Nusrat Jahan
National Institute of Biotechnology
The origin and genetic diversity of Bangladeshi Native Cattle based on mitochondrial 12SrRNA Sequences 2166  
  IS-TS-4- 5 10:21 – 10:30 Dr Md Shahidul Islam
Bangladesh Agricultural University 
Fisheries and Marine Biotechnology Regulations and Guidelines     
    10:31 – 10:35 Q&A      
  10:30-11:00      Morning tea    
Young emerging scientist session-1 (main hall) Session Chair: Professor Dr Muhammad Manjurul Karim, Department of Microbiology, University of Dhaka    
  ES-1-1 11:01-11:10 Dr. U.S. Mahzabin Amin
National Institute of Biotechnology
Association of FTO rs8050136 with Gravidity in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in a Sample of Bangladeshi Women: Meta-Analysis and Case-Control Study 2189  
  ES-1-2 11:11-11:20 Israt Jahan
Foxp3-expressing regulatory T cells: An evolving biomarker for disease susceptibility and treatment response in Guillain– Barré syndrome 2318  
  ES-1-3 11:21-11:30 Sabiha Afroj Heeamoni
University of Dhaka
Delineating the mechanism of telomerase reactivation in bladder cancer through the investigation of somatic mutations, gene expression and relative telomere length SM22  
  ES-1-4 11:31-11:40 Anik Mojumder, University of Dhaka Deciphering the Role of Putative Novel miRNAs Encoded from the Newly Found Genomic Regions of T2T-CHM13 in Collecting Duct Carcinoma SM157  
  ES-1-5 11:41-11:50 Mohammad Abdul Kaium Siddiki
Jashore University of Science and Technology
Investigating the Prevalence of Genetic Variation Among the Type 2 Diabetes Patients of Indigenous Population of Bangladesh SM127  
    11:51-11:55 Q&A      
Young emerging scientist session-2 (seminar hall) Session Chair: Professor Dr Abidur Rahman, Department of Plant Biosciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Iwate University, Japan, and Adjunct Professor, Department of Plant Sciences, College of Agriculture and Bioresources, University of Saskatchewan, Canada    
  ES-2-1 11:01-11:10  Sabrina Moriom Elias
Independent University, Bangladesh
Deciphering adaptation mechanism among nano particles exposed rice varieties under salt stress and different light wavelengths. LM24  
  ES-2-2 11:11-11:20 Rojana Binte Azad
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University
Development of a Durable Blast Resistant Wheat Variety by Stacking of blast-resistance genes, Rmg8 and 2NS Translocation SM273  
  ES-2-3 11:21-11:30 Shamfin Hossain Kasfy
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University 
CRISPR-based point-of-care nucleic acid-based diagnostics for devastating wheat blast and other phytopathogens SM306  
  ES-2-4 11:31-11:40 Nishat Tamanna
University of Dhaka
Comparative Metabolite Profiling of Salt Sensitive Oryza sativa and a Halophytic Wild Rice Oryza coarctata under Salt Stress SM44  
  ES-2-5 11:41-11:50 Hurjahan Banu
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University 
Insulin Receptor (rs2059807) and Insulin Receptor Substrate 1 (rs1801278) Genes Polymorphisms in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 2383  
    11:51-11:55 Q&A      
Technical Session 7 Medical Biotechnology-2 (main hall) Session chair and co-chair: Professor Dr Sharif Akhtaruzzaman, Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Dhaka and Dr  Zhahirul Islam, Senior Scientist and Head, Gut-brain Signalling Laboratory, Infectious Disease Division, icddr,b     
  KS-TS-7- 1 12:01-12:15 Dr Zhahirul Islam
Novel humanized Monoclonal anti-C1q antibody in Guillain-Barré syndrome: A translation of the research from bench-to-bed    
  TS-7- 2 12:16-12:25 Dr Ferdaus Mohd Altaf Hossain
Sylhet Agricultural University
Chemokine Receptor-5: A new hope in the regulation of environmental allergen-primed and human-Rhinovirus-1B-exacerbated severe pediatric asthma pathogenesis 1838  
  TS-7- 3 12:26-12:35 Dr Ishtiaque Ahammad
National Institute of Biotechnology 
Whole transcriptome analysis identifies potential biomarkers and repurposable therapeutics against Alzheimer's disease 2174  
  TS-7- 4 12:36-12:45 Dr Md. Rashedul Islam
Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University
The ameliorative effect of selenium on inorganic arsenic-induced estrous cycle disturbance, pregnancy complications, defective fetal and post-natal growth in mice 2211  
  TS-7- 5 12:46-12:55 Dr Shoma Hayat
Gut-microbiota dysbiosis in disease severity and outcome in treated patients with Guillain‐Barré syndrome 2255  
    12:56-13:00 Q&A      
Technical Session 8 Industrial Biotechnology (seminar hall) Session chair and co-chair: Professor Dr Mozammel Hoq, Department of Microbiology, University of Dhaka and Professor Dr Mohammad Shahedur Rahman, Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Jahangirnagar University          
  KS-TS-8- 1 12:01-12:15 Dr Abul Kalam Azad
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
Innovations in Industrial Biotechnology for Achieving SDGs: Global and Bangladesh Perspectives LM244  
  TS-8- 2 12:16-12:25 Md. Toufikuzzaman
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
CRISPR-DIPOFF: An Interpretable Deep Learning Approach for CRISPR Cas-9 Off-Target Prediction PAM115  
  TS-8- 3 12:26-12:35  Dr Mohammad Riazul Islam
University of Dhaka
Improved and eco-friendly process development for jute fiber production: custom retting and JBO optimization 2198  
  TS-8 -4 12:36-12:45 Dr Sudhangshu Kumar Biswas
Islamic University, Bangladesh
Acinetobacter baumannii: A Promising Bacterium for Eco-Friendly Textile Dye Degradation 2251  
  IS-TS-8- 5 12:46-12:55 Dr Mohammad Shahedur Rahman
Jahangirnagar University
Current scenario and future perspectives of Industrial Biotechnology in Bangladesh towards sustainable development goals    
    12:56-13:00 Q&A      
      13:00– 14:30- Prayer and lunch break      
Day2-Poster session   14:30 – 15:30  Poster presentation      
Plenary Session 2 GNOBB award ceremony and award lectures Session chair: Professor Dr Zeba Islam Seraj , President, GNOBB       
    15:31-15:45 Award Ceremony

Guests of honor for the award giving ceremony - Dr Ferdousi Qadri, Senior Director, Infectious Disease Division, icddr,b and and Prof. Dr Haseena Khan,

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Dhaka

  PL-2-1 15:46-16:05 Dr Tofazzal Islam,
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University 
Omics approaches for tackling wheat blast: a potential pandemic threat to global food security     
  PL-2-2 16:06-16:25 Dr Mirza Hasanuzzaman,
Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University
Improving Plant Resilience to Environmental Stress Using Biostimulants    
  PL-2-3 16:26-16:45 Dr Hasan Zaki,
The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
The interplay between diet, gut microbiota, and inflammatory disorders    
  PL-2-4 16:46-17:05 Dr Mohammad Ariful Islam,
Sanofi USA
mRNA therapeutic/vaccine technology: what we achieved and where we are going    
    17:05-17:15   Flash talk and Poster Presentation awards and Closing Remarks by Professor Dr Abidur Rahman and Dr  Asadulghani)  
    17:15 17:45 Afternoon tea      
18:30 – 20:30  Networking dinner (Venue- Dhaka Club, subscription required)