GNOBB Awards-2019

GNOBB Awards -2019 

GNOBB AWARD 2019 (Category 1) outstanding scientist working in Bangladesh

Dr. Firdausi Qadri‘GNOBB Award 2019 (Category 1) outstanding scientist working in  Bangladesh’ tributes the distinguished scientist, Firdausi Qadri, Ph.D.for her innovative contribution she produced for the more than 30 years on enteric diseases, and developing new strategies for mass immunization against some common infectious diseases in developing countries.

An Emeritus Scientist in the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease and Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b) and Chairperson of the Institute for developing Science and Health initiatives (ideSHi), her work has involved the planning and implementation and setting up of research priorities in the field of vaccines and infectious diseases relevant to Bangladesh and globally.  Her interests involve laboratory, clinical and field implementation of enteric vaccines.  Using immunological, molecular biological and high throughput genomic and proteomic studies which include epidemiology and surveillance, the team within her unit work on natural infections and vaccine related responses which have led to large field trials in Bangladesh. Special interests include are infections caused by V. cholerae, ETEC, Salmonella spp, Helicobacter pylori and Hepatitis E virus. 

During her career, Dr. Qadri has always sought cooperation with national and international organizations, stakeholders and partners from the United States, Sweden, France, Japan and Bangladesh.  She is a member of advisory committees of the World Health Organization.   Her notable recognitions include the Gold Medal prize from the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences in 2008; and the Institut de France’s and Rodolphe Mérieux Foundation ‘Grand Prize’ 2012.  She has been a TWAS member since 2011. Dr. Qadri has authored more than 200 peer-reviewed scientific papers and has also provided support and mentoring to young scientists, currently overseeing a staff of more than 370 researchers. Global Network of Bangladeshi Biotechnologists is proud to  honor her for her outstanding achievement as a Bangladeshi Scientist working in Bangladesh.

GNOBB AWARD 2019 (Category 2) outstanding Non Resident Bangladeshi Scientist

 “GNOBB Award 2019 (Category 2) outstanding Non Resident Bangladeshi Scientist” tributes the renowned scientist,  Mohammad Nasir Uddin, Ph.D. in recognition of his outstanding contribution in clinical research, including molecular signaling of preeclampsia and ovarian cancer, as well as his outstanding efforts in bridging worldwide collaboration. Mohammad Nasir Uddin, PhD, FAHA is the founder executive and scientific director of Orion Institute for Translational Medicine and founder, CEO of the Emergent Biotechnology, Texas. Dr. Uddin is also a Visiting Professor and Founding Coordinator of the Department of Public Health at North South University, Bangladesh.  His research currently focuses on two diseases of highly unmet medical need: preeclampsia (hypertension during pregnancy) and gynecologic cancer, in particular, ovarian cancer.

Dr. Uddin is a Fellow of the American Heart Association and also serves as a Councilor of the Central Texas Society for Clinical and Translational Research. He has worldwide collaborations with universities, research institutes, biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies supported by prestigious grants. He has published more than 150 peer reviewed articles and has presented more than 300 abstracts in meetings.  Dr. Uddin has mentored more than 150 medical students, medical residents and fellows, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. He is a member of several professional societies and also a peer review member of several Journals and funding agencies.

As a non-resident Bangladeshi Dr. Mohammad Nasir Uddin has been successful in collaborating with his peers in Bangladesh, thus exemplifying the true purpose of the Global Network of Bangladeshi Biotechnologists. We wish him the greatest of successes in his future endeavors.


About GNOBB Award 2019

In year 2019, we received 11 nominations in Category 1 and 6 nominations in Category 2. Jury board was composed of the following members:

Chief Adjudicator:

Dr. Zeba Islam Seraj, President, GNOBB and Professor, Dept. of BMB, DU (Bangladesh)


1. Dr. Haseena Khan, Professor, Dept. of BMB, DU (Bangladesh)

2. Dr. Enamul Huq, Professor, Dept. Cell and Molecular Biology, UT Austin (USA)

3. Dr. Akhter Hossain, Senior Research Fellow and Head, Insulin Peptides Laboratory, Florey Inst of Neuroscience and Mental Health, University of Melbourne (Australia)

4. Dr. Hemayet Ullah, Associate Professor, Biology Department, Howard University (USA)

5. Dr. Ahmad Azad, Fellow, TWAS (Australia)

6. Dr. Abidur Rahman, Associate Professor, Dept. of Plant Biosciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Iwate University, (Japan)

7. Dr. Rubayet Hasan, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College and Sidra Medical and Research Center (Qatar)