Abidur Rahman

Abidur Rahman

Associate Professor,Faculty of Agriculture, Iwate University, Japan

    M.Sc in Biochemistry- Dhaka University, Bangladesh

    Ph.D. in Plant Biology- Kobe University- Japan

    JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow- Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, Japan

    Senior Postdoctoral researcher- University of Massachusetts, USA

    Visiting Professor, University of Masschusetts, USA

    Plant molecular physiology, Plant molecular biology, Cell biology


    JSPS fellowship for postdoctoral research (Nov. 2001- Aug. 2003) from Japanese Society for Promotion of Science, Japan

    Grant in-aid for science research (Oct. 1997- Oct. 2001) from ministry of education, culture and science, Japan

    Iwate University, Japan
    Associate Professor,Faculty of Agriculture, Iwate University, Japan

    Current research topics in the lab

    Understanding the role of auxin in regulating temperature stress mediated growth and development

    Mechanism of subcellular targeting of auxin efflux proteins

    Understanding the molecular cross talk between actin and hormones during meristem development

    Elucidating the regulatory/ molecular mechanism of 2,4-D induced change in cytoskeletal structure and its impact on selective herbicidal action on monocots and dicots

    Understanding the role of actin dynamicity in determining the plants response to auxin

    Elucidating the molecular pathway of IBA response in plant development

    Understanding the molecular mechanisms of cadmium and caesium toxicity in plants to engineer hyperaccumulator plants for phytoremediation

    (Selected Articles last 10 years))

    1. Maho T, Umetsu K, Oono Y, Higaki T, Blanclaflor EB, Rahman A* (2016) Small acidic protein 1 and SCFTIR1 ubiquitin proteasome pathway act in concert to induce 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid-mediated alteration of actin in Arabidopsis roots.
    Plant Journal doi: 10.1111/tpj.13433; 89: 940-956  *Corresponding author

    2. Hanzawa T, Shibasaki K, Numata T, Kawamura K, Gaude T, Rahman A* (2013) Cellular auxin homeostasis under high temperature is regulated through a SORTING NEXIN 1 dependent endosomal trafficking pathway. Plant Cell doi/10.1105/tpc.113.115881; 9: 3424-3433  *Corresponding author

    3. Rahman A* , Takahashi M, Shibasaki K, Wu S, Inaba T, Tsurumi S, Baskin TI (2010) Gravitropism of Arabidopsis thaliana roots requires the polarization of PIN2 toward the root tip in meristematic cortical cells. Plant Cell  22: 1762-1776  *Corresponding author

    4.Shibasaki K, Uemura M, Tsurumi S, Rahman A* (2009) Auxin response in Arabidopsis under cold stress: underlying molecular mechanisms.    
    Plant Cell
    21: 3823-3838  *Corresponding author

    5. Sukumar P. Edwards KS, Rahman A, DeLong A, Muday GK (2009) PINOID kinase regulates root gravitropism through modulation of PIN2-dependent basipetal auxin transport in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol 150: 722-735 

    6. Xu S, Rahman A, Baskin T, Kieber J (2008) Two leucine-rich repeat receptor kinases mediate signaling, linking cell wall biosythesis and ACC synthase in Arabidopsis.
    Plant Cell 20: 3065-3069  ***This article was selected as one of the featured articles for November issue of Plant Cell.

    7. Rahman A, Bannigan A, Sulaman W, Pechter P, Blancaflor EB, Baskin TI (2007) Auxin, actin, and growth of the Arabidopsis thaliana primary root. Plant Journal 50:514-  528 ***This article was evaluated as a must read article by the Faculty of 1000 Biology.

    8. Rahman A, Nakasone A, Chhun T, Ooura C, Biswas KK, Uchimiya H, Tsurumi S, Baskin TI, Tanaka A, Oono Y (2006) A small acidic protein, SMAP1, mediates responses of the arabidopsis root to the synthetic auxin 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid.
    Plant Journal 47:788-801 ***This paper was selected as featured article by the editor-in -chief of The Plant Journal and also was evaluated as a must read article by the Faculty of 1000 Biology.