10th Intl. symp. for Rice Functional genomics

10th Intl. symp. for Rice Functional genomics

Four days  in the last week of November i.e., from 26- 29th  witnessed the 10th International symposium for Rice Functional genomics at hotel Pang Suan Keaw at Chiangmai, Bangkok. The theme of the Symposium was Driving The Next Green Revolution. The 4-day long sessions were divided into the following emerging areas of current rice functional genomics:  i. Oryza map alignment project,  ii. Genome expression database, iii. Functional discovery – focusing nutrition, iv. NGS data,  v. male sterility, vi. root biology, vii. genomics of disease resistance, vii. genomics of abiotic stresses like drought, salt, submergence, cold, heat, viii. breeding strategies and  ix. epigenetics and regulatory RNAs. You can see the list of the papers and posters presented in the Symposium by clicking here. This year the scientific committee of the isrfg team attempted to bring all rice researchers under one umbrella to formulate the strategic planning of future rice genomics. The objectives of the strategic planning included:
1. Bringing together rice functional genomics research community to discuss about the impact of extreme and imminent climate change on rice productivity.

2. Developing a concrete strategic plan to identify innovative genomics tools and genetic resources to enabling breeding-by-design more efficiently and effectively for more resilience to climate change aiming in all rice growing countries.

3. Proposing to the potential international research funding streams to focus on the new proposed research areas to secure food for the future.bringing together rice functional genomics researchers focusing the impact of climate changes on rice productivity, identifying genomic tools and genetic resources enabling breeding by design efficiently and proposing potential international research funding stream to secure food for the future. Selected papers from the conference will be published in a special issue of open access journal RICE. There were lively plenary sessions on current topics followed by categorized oral and poster sessions . The conference gala dinner was on 28th November where the participants celebrated the Loi krathong festival according to the thai culture in the old chiangmai center with a lively thai cultural hosting. The conference was jointly organized by Kasetsart university, BIOTEC along with some other scientific and financial institutes in Thailand. From Bangladesh, the participants were Dr. Zeba I. Seraj and Ms. Sabrina M. Elias of the Plant Biotechnology laboratory of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Dhaka. Sabrina presented a poster on “Vacuolar Na+/H+ antiporter over-expression for salt tolerance: a complex regulation in rice.” GNOBB readers will be delighted to view the excellently designed dynamic website covering the details about the symposium by clicking here. [Summarized by Ms. Sabrina Elias]

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