A Happy New and Successful Year new to All Members and Well-wishers

A Happy New and Successful Year new to All Members and Well-wishers

It’s time that we review our past activities and promise ourselves not to repeat our lapses. When the website was launched five years back there was a lot of enthusiasm among members. It culminated a couple of years back in the holding of a grand function in which GNOBB members took part in large numbers both from home and abroad. Now that passion is gradually wearing out. Is it too much for the association to expect that its learned members each contributes a write-up about his/her research activity or bring to the attention of its members some new development/s in his/her area and publish it in its website?

Let us face hard facts. The members who could originally give time toward running the website cannot do so now because they get committed elsewhere either in moving on a new job or on a scholarship to do Ph.D. Obviously we require urgently on an urgent basis at least one staff member with expertise in composing the news and in posting them on the webpage; and then for hiring web space in the Internet. An association cannot run without finances. We do hope that all members pay up their dues which per member is only $10 for expatriates and Taka 700/- for local members.

GNOBB greets all its members and well-wishers a very happy and prosperous new year and sincerely hope that all join their efforts to revamp this organization with whatever contribution we can make towards its uninterrupted march to a successful New Year 2012.

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