A report on the just concluded Seventh International Plant Tissue Culture Conference.

A report on the just concluded Seventh International Plant Tissue Culture Conference.

GNOBB owes a good deal to Professor Dr. Rakha Hari Sarker, Dhaka University, the driving force behind the International Meet for preparing a comprehensive report on the just concluded Seventh International Plant Tissue Culture Conference. The detailed  report is given below: Any inquiry may be directed to him at The coordinator takes this opportunity to convey his heartfelt thanks and indebtedness  to each and every participant, well-wishers for their active participation to make the conference a great success.

March 1 – 3, 2014, Dhaka, Bangladesh

 Theme: Biotechnology and Biosafety for Human Welfare

Plenary lecture: one

Keynote presentations: five

Total No. of papers presented: forty-one

Poster presented: twenty

Plenary Lecture on the Theme         Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Jacobsen
Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany

Scientific Session IA:  In vitro techniques for crop improvement

Keynote speaker: Dr. F.J. Zapata-Aries, BRAC Agriculture and Biotechnology Laboratory, Gazipur, Bangladesh

The significance of non-controlled natural light, temperature and humidity on the commercial micropropagation of Solanum tuberosum L. and Musa acuminata (1)

No of papers presented:  Seven

Md. Salim Khan, Ahashan Habib, Tanjina Akhtar Banu, Mousona Islam, Aleya Ferdousi and Fahmida Nasrin – Development of in vitro regeneration protocol of an important medicinal plant Bacopa monnieri L. Penn.  in Bangladesh (2)

M. Mahmuda Khatun, D. Khanam and M. Al-Amin – Somatic embryogenesis and plantlets regeneration from mature embryos of papaya (Carica papaya L.) (3)

A. K. Ghose, M. A. Hossain, N. Islam, Kuasha Mahmud and M. A. S. Jiku – High quality plantlets production of sugarcane through icropropagation (4)

Bakul Bhattacharjee and S. M. Shahinul Islam – Rapid in vitro Development of Protocorms Derived from Immature Seeds, Regeneration and Mass Multiplication of Vanda tessellata (Roxb.) Hook. Ex. G. an Endangered Medicinal Orchids in Bangladesh (6)

S. M. Faisal and Md. Al-Forkan – Study of in vitro shoot multiplication efficiency of off-season Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.) (7)

Shahana Chowdhury and Aparna Islam  – Comparison of regeneration response of two explants in six peanut (Arachis hypogeae L.) varieties from Bangladesh (9)

Md. Rahimul Alam and Sheikh Abdul Mannan – Improvement of Sugarcane Germplasm through Somaclonal Variation (10)

 Scientific Session IB: In vitro techniques for crop improvement

No of papers presented  Five


Timir baran Jha and Anusree Das – Micropropagation and Genetic Characterization of Solanum pseudocapsicum L. (11)

Md. Tariqul Islam, Md. Shahidul Haque, K. M. Nasiruddin, Md. Jahangir Hossain and Md. Al-Amin – Effect of plant growth regulators on in vitro regeneration from nodal explants of hyacinth bean  (12)

Md. Belal Hossain – In vitro Development of Cauliflower Synthetic Seeds and Conversion to Plantlets In vivo (19)

M. Z. Rahman, A. N. Chowdhury and S. M. Shahinul Islam – Enhancement of microtuber production of potato using nutrient spray bioreactor (23)

Rifat Ara Najnin,  Farhana Shafrin, Ahsan Habib Polash ,Aubhishek Zaman, Razib Ahmed, Amjad Hossain, Jannatul 
Ferdous, Rashu Barua and Haseena Khan - Endophytes in jute: Characterization of beneficial roles in jute physiology
and identification of endophyte genes and secondary metabolites with potential for industrial use (26)

Scientific Session II: Environmental Biotechnology

Keynote speaker: Dr. Yasuzo Sakai, Graduate School of Engineering, Utsunomiya University, Japan

Application of Magnetic Activated Sludge Process for Dairy Farm Wastewater Treatment  (27)

No. papers presented:  Seven

Speakers :

Mohammad Zabed Hossain and Per-Olof Lundquist – Nodule Inhabiting Non-Rhizobial Bacteria and their Role in Growth of Leguminous Plants (29)

Anika Tabassum, Mohammad Nurul Islam and Mihir Lal Saha – Enumeration and identification of bacteria associated with snacks and water with special reference to multidrug resistance (30)

Tahsin Khan and  Mihir Lal Saha – Alkaline Protease Activity showing Bacteria from Leather Processing Industry Effluents (31)

Tania Hossain, Mihir Lal Saha and Mahbubar Rahman Khan – In vitro  induction of L-forms in selected microbial cultures (32)

Mihir Lal Saha, Masato Oda, Mina Shohoji and Yasuzo Sakai – Application of magnetic activated sludge (MAS) in various wastewater treatment processes (33)

Fatema–tous Zohora, A.K.M Mohiuddin, Kaisar Ali Talukder and Rafiad Islam– Detection of Invasive Genes of ShigellaSalmonella and Enteroinvasive Escherichia coli by PCR and Comparison with Conventional Culture Method (85)

Mita  Howladar – Teratogenic and Skeletal Anomaly in Developing Chick Embryos due to the Effect of Organophosphate Pesticide and its Relation with Liguminous Plants (94)

Scientific Session-III:  Molecular Markers in Crop Improvement

Keynote speaker   :     Dr. Narendra Tuteja, Plant Molecular Biology Group, International Centre for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology (ICGEB), Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi-110067, India

Overexpression of rice Ca2+ATPase gene OsACA6 provides enhanced tolerance to salinity, drought, cold and metal (Cd2+) stresses by scavenging ROS (34)

No of papers presented: seven

Speakers                     :

Israt Nadia, A.K.M Mohiuddinl, Shahanaz Sultanaand Jannatul Ferdous – Diversity Analysis of Rice Varieties Using Morphological and SSR Markers (35)

H. P. Mühlbach, A. Stubbe, D. Palm, H. Tantau, M. I. Hoque, R. H. Sarker, Sk. S. Alam, M. L. Saha and Md. Salim Khan – Grouping of Pseudomonas spp. Isolated from Dieback Affected Dalbergia sissoo by Using Phylogenetic Analyses (36)

M. M. Rohman, M. R. Molla, M.M. Rahman, A. Ahmed, M. Amiruzzaman and M.R Ali – Proline and betaine upregulated glutathione dependent detoxi-fication enzymes in tolerant maize seedlings under saline stress (39)

Samsad Razzaque, Sabrina M Elias, Sudip Biswas, Taslima Haque and Zeba I. Seraj – Cloning of the 3.5 kb plasma membrane sodium/hydrogen antiporter for its overexpression in rice (42)

Md. Tariqul Islam, Ahlan Sabah Ferdous, Salma Sultana Alam and Haseena Khan – Selection and Validation of Reference Gene(s) for gene expression analyses by quantitative PCR under different environmental stresses in Jute (43)

Scientific Session IV: Biosafety and Public Acceptance of Genetically Modified Crops

No of papers presented: <

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