Achievement of young GNOBB member, Mr. Aubhishek Zaman

Achievement of young GNOBB member, Mr. Aubhishek Zaman

GNOBB is always pleased to publish news of achievement of GNOBB members. With a good deal of pleasure that Mr. Aubhishek Zaman, one  of the youngest members of  this web-based organization, is now in UT  Southwestern Medical Center  at Dallas doing his Ph.D.  The Ph.D. Program requires a student to undergo rotation program in three departments. Aubhishek has got an unique opportunity to receive a rotation training under the guidance of the world renowned  2011 Nobel Laureate Dr. Bruce Buetler M.D.  The Nobel Laureate discovered an important family of receptors that allow mammals to sense infections when they occur, triggering a powerful inflammatory response. (Cf. last posting in GNOBB website where jasmonates have been ascribed to play a similar role in plants.)

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