Admirable Initiative by the University of California at Davis.

Admirable Initiative by the University of California at Davis.

Dhaka the 28th January, ’14.  GNOBB deeply appreciate the  admirable Initiative taken by the University of California at Davis aimed at improving the nutritional status of the African populations. The project was launched by the  African Plant Breeding Academy in Nairobi, Kenya to help reduce hunger and malnutrition among the 600 million Africans who live in rural areas, and to boost Africa food supply.  The inauguration took place in December 2013 by a Consortium comprising as many as ten institutions as follows;  a) The African Orphan Crops Consortium; b)  The African Union – New Partnership for Africa Development; c)MARS; d) The World Agro-Forestry Center; e) The Beijing Genomic Institute doing the initial sequencing (BGI); f)  Life Technologies Corporation (donor of sequencing equipment); g) World Wildlife Fund ; h) University of California, Davis; i) Plant Collaborative and Biosciences Eastern and Central Africa;  and j) The International Livestock Research Institute which works closely with the World Agro-Forestry Center.

The academy will train 250 plant breeders and technicians in genomics and marker-assisted selection for crop improvement over a five-year period.  The resulting improved planting materials will then be offered to smallholder farmers throughout Africa. 

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