An Industry Academia Linkage Event at the Daily Star office

An Industry Academia Linkage Event at the Daily Star office

An Industry Academia Linkage Event was held at the Daily Star office on the 22nd March, 2013, organized by the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMBDU) and the Bizcube initiative of the Management Company, Better Stories. The objective of the meeting was to identify opportunities for BMBDU in developing laboratory-successful protocols into possible commercial ventures by establishing linkage with industries. Professor R.K. Saxena was the Chief Guest where he talked about his experience about setting up of a TBI or a Technology-based Incubator at the University of Dehli, where they are producing tannery enzymes, Biomolecules and Biofuel.   They have state of the art fermentors, from laboratory scale to pilot scale where they develop the protocol for commercial production of any interesting biomolecule.  Their business incubator provides a nurturing environment for new business start-ups using fermentation technology.

From the Academia professors from various departments of the Biological Science Faculty of DU were present. Industry was represented by both Pharmaceutical, Agricultural and IT Companies. There was a representative from The Institute of Leather Technology as well.  Professor Sayedul Islam, Chairman, BMBDU introduced the topic, Professor Ferhat Anwar of IBA, DU, rationalized the experience of Dr. Saxena into how things could be initiated in a similar way in Bangladesh. The main take-home message was that the Academics and Industrialists should talk to each other. The industrialists could give seminars at Universities elaborating their research needs, while the Academics could visit relevant industries and advertise their knowledge and skills. The discussion was summed up by Professor Mamun Rashid Chowdhury, who is the coordinator of the project for enhancement of the standard of teaching and research at BMBDU including the business incubation project. [communicated by Professor Zeba I. Seraj at the the Department of Biochemistry and Mol. Biology, DU.]

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