An Interesting letter from Mustak at Oxford

An Interesting letter from Mustak at Oxford

The prolific writer, Mustak bin Ayub is here again with his interesting and amusing letter bringing out the cultural differences between the East and the West. Unlike in Dhaka, in the West people do not greet their friends, professors with bouquets of flowers. If your acquaintances see you with a bouquet of flowers in your hand, they take it for granted that you are going to meet your meet your lady love with a lovely bunch of flowers. Unlike here, your stipend depends upon whether your supervisor has been able to get a research grant from different awarding agencies different sources which support research . Pl read the latest dispatch by clicking here.

Mustak has presented us with his second letter in which he has brilliantly described his visit to Edinburgh along with his friends. He depicted his trip to Edinburgh along with his Dhaka University friends with a nostalgic feeling comparing it  with a little virtual Dhaka University. His description of  the famous  Scottish Square dance with such a master touch of his pen that I felt like that I was a participant in that fun in which two strangers dance for a while and derive immense pleasure. So here is the second dispatch. I take this opportunity to thank Mustak for entertaining us with such lively description of his current life in Britain.

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