Biofuel from green algae

Biofuel from green algae
GNOBB is delighted to share the news of Dr. Md. Ashraful Alam's discovery on the utilization of green algae to produce biofuel. Dr. Alam works at Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Science. The commonly used biofuels from soybean, corn, canola oil and animal fat need cultivation and farmland, whereas the green algae can act as an excellent alternative as it is easily available and does not require lots of space for commercial production. After extracting oil from the algae, its nutrient quality persists and can be used as fish and other animal feed. It also helps reduce the greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide from the air. To extract oil, first, it needs to be dehydrated, followed by drying which is an energy consuming procedure. Dr. Alam focused on how to modify the extraction procedure so that it becomes less energy consuming and less expensive. He is trying to explore the mechanism of bio-flocculation of microalgae and the polysaccharide molecules involved in this process. The team is now working on the identification of the specific genes involved in the regulation of the process. Dr. Alam has more than 25 peer-reviewed journal articles. He envisions that this research will drastically reduce the production cost of oil extraction from algae and can contribute to conserving the environment. This will require long-term plannings and support from the government.
To read the Bangla article focused on his research published in Daily Samakal. Please click here

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