Bone Transplantation Center at Dhaka Medical College

Bone Transplantation Center at Dhaka Medical College

Dhaka the 21st October, 2013. The GNOBB Management has great pleasure in bringing to the attention of the expatriate members that from today, bone marrow transplantation program has commenced in the tenth floor at the New Building of  Dhaka Medical College (DMC) for the treatment of blood cancer. Dr. Bimalangshu Ranjan Dey MD, an expatriate Bangladeshi working in the Bone Transplantation Center at the Boston Massachusetts General Hospital as an expert took initiative  in the establishment of this unit in DMC. Under this program, a group of physicians, nurses and technicians have already undergone the necessary training  there to launch this program in DMC. It may be mentioned here that the blood cancer treatment at the USA costs about Taka 80 lakhs to 1,00 lakhs but this cost will be reduced to 5 laks at the local DMC center.

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