Construction of intraspecific genetic map in pigeon pea

Construction of intraspecific genetic map in pigeon pea

In an online article entitled, “An intraspecific consensus genetic map of pigeon pea derived from six mapping populations,” A. Bohra and eight associates belonging to ICRISAT and five other research institutes in India and abroad have successfully constructed the genetic map of pigeon pea. The number of SSR (simple sequence repeat) loci was between 59 and 140 with map length ranging from 586.9 -881.6 cM. Furthermore, three QTL for fertility restoration were reported. The authors claim that this is the first time that QTL (Rf) genes have been reported in pigeon pea. The availability of these pieces of information relating to QTL harboring SMD (sterility mosaic disease) genes to confer resistance to pigeon pea cultivars, will help production of more desirable varieties of pigeon pea resistant against the attack of SMD thereby boosting its production which has remained static for nearly 50 years or so.

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