Dr. Md. Ariful Islam’s Brilliant Achievement as a Ph.D. Student in South Korea

Dr. Md. Ariful Islam’s Brilliant Achievement as a Ph.D. Student in South Korea

GNOBB extends heartiest congratulations to Dr. Mohammad Ariful Islam for his extraordinary research achievements in Seoul National University (SNU), South Korea. In December ’12, he completed his PhD having received THE BEST RESEARCH AWARD for 2012 by Brain Korea 21. Brain Korea 21 is a special project that picks up best research worker from participating universities in recognition to the impact and importance. The title of Dr. Arif’s PhD thesis is: ‘Efficient DNA Transfection and RNAi Silencing by Regulation of Cellular Uptake through Polysorbitol-based Osmotically Active Transporter’. 

Dr. Arif is the first student of UODA (University of Development Alternative, Dhaka) from the Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology to complete his PhD. In his PhD research he focused on the development of gene therapy for the treatment of human cancer which also resulted in two patent applications (one is Korean,  the other is International). For the Korean patent, he has been working  with ‘preparation of biomaterial microcapsules for drug delivery’.

He is an active member of youngBB (young Biotechnologists of Bangladesh) since its inception.  His dream is to contribute to different sectors of Biotechnology with the ultimate objective of establishing  a center for biomedical research in Bangladesh. GNOBB wishes Dr. Arif  all out success  and hopes that his expertise will be properly utilized in Bangladesh and beyond.
Congratulating Dr. Ariful Islam for his outstanding feat in one of the most recent fields of biotechnology, namely, Gene Therapy The Daily Prothom-Alo in its 15th January edition gives an illuminating account of his academic life.       [By Mustak bin Ayub, GEB, DU}

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