Dr. Syed Ashraf Ahmed’s letter of appreciation to the GNOBB coordinator

Dr. Syed Ashraf Ahmed’s letter of appreciation to the GNOBB coordinator

Dear GNOBB members,

I have been overwhelmed with your good-wish messages conveyed to me showing your appreciation for the service I have rendered to the  Bangladeshi biotech community. I didn’t realize that I have secured such a coveted place in your heart. One Senior GNOBB member, Dr. Syed  Ashraf Ahmed, whom most of you know has requested me to post the letter which he has written to me to post in the GNOBB website. It is in compliance with his request that the letter is reproduced below: GNOBB coordinator on June 29, 2013.

Honorable Young Man,

You made us cry with your apologetic letter for which we cannot forgive you! 

Your benevolence, dedication, and Jihad in shaping the younger generation of Bangladesh scientists as a collective force have not gone unnoticed.  We have noticed how patiently and affectionately you formed the nucleus of GNOBB and made it grow to a staggering 350 members, how you boosted our sense self esteem by highlighting even apparently insignificant of our achievements, and how you kept the community appraised on a daily basis of all the exciting new discoveries around the world. You have proved yourself as a forward looking, energetic and brave young man even at 88!

It is us, for whom you have been toiling to help, who failed to properly complement your efforts. More so, it is us, who failed to acknowledge your lifelong dedication to advance the science in Bangladesh and abroad.  You have done more than your part but we have failed to realize your dream of forming NCBT and NIBT, and thus proved to be ‘aged’ even at a smaller age!

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your lifelong services, and forgive us of our shortcomings.

We pray for your continued good health and spirit, and a peaceful long life.

Most respectfully,

S. Ashraf Ahmed,

Potomac, Maryland

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