Exploitation of induced 2n-gametes for plant breeding

Exploitation of induced 2n-gametes for plant breeding
  • In a review article titled, “Exploitation of induced 2n-gametes for plant breeding,”  published in the December 2013 issue of Plant Cell Reports, Adnan YounisYoon-Jung Hwang,  and Ki-Byung Lim advocate the use of unreduced gametes as an efficient and effective tool in plant breeding.  its use will open new avenues for creating novel cultivars.  Different approaches  such as  taking recourse to interspecific hybridization,  manipulation of environmental factors and treatment with nitrous oxide, trifluralin, colchicine, oryzalin and other chemicals have been made for diploid pollen production. These chemicals can act as a stimulus to produce viable diploid pollen. Identification of efficient methods of inducing the diploid pollen  will go a long way to enhance pollen germination of sterile interspecific hybrids thereby opening new avenues toward production

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