GNOBB enters 10th years of its journey to promote biotechnology in BD

GNOBB enters 10th years of its journey to promote biotechnology in BD

Dhaka Oct. 5, 2013. Today is 5th October. In this connection I refer to the members the first posting of the organization in its website under the heading, “About us,”. This month, nine years ago we launched our website:  From mere 30, the number of members is now over 500. The membership fee was kept optional  and fixed  at $10.00 each by Founder Members considering that the amount can easily be paid without any hardship on them. Some members pointed out that they couldn’t pay the small amount because of the restriction on remittance  of hard currency in  Bangladesh. Thereafter through the good offices of some Bangladeshi expatriate, facility to remit foreign currency through PayPal to Bangladesh  was created but still the response has so far been poor.

We have only 18 paid members some of whom paid either life membership fee of $100 each or said amount as a donation to the organization.   Jointly operated by Professor Zeba I. Seraj (Dept. Biochem & Mol. Biol., DU) and Professor Rakha Hari Sarker (Botany Department, DU) GNOBB has a Sonali BanK (Savings Bank A/c 33014308) Account in the Curzon Hall campus. Of the major expenses incurred during the last year was on upgrading of the GNOBB website. As you all know the site is now interactive. Hope members will  fully utilize this facility to voice their comments on any topic posted on the site or post their own articles in their  area of expertise or suggest any innovative ideas and invite opinions of members thereupon.

If the majority of members responds to our appeal, a substantial amount of fund will be generated. Subject to the approval of Founder members, the fund may be expended to expand the activity of the organization. We may reward 10 GNOBB members (local and expatriate included) for their outstanding contribution in their respective field of research or their input in promoting the goal of GNOBB or establishing linkage between different research laboratories run by the members.  We may reward also young GNOBB members for writing a summary of the important research findings published in the leading research journals such as Nature, Science, PNAS, Plant Physiology, Cell etc.

We also require  a part time Accountant-cum-Office Assistant to maintain the account of GNOBB and keep office record. That kind of bookkeeping will earn transparency to this organization. If the members so wish, a budget may be prepared and posted on the website to get approval of  the consensus of members.

Kindest regards,

GNOBB Coordinator

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