Heartiest Congratulations to Mr. Aubhishek Zaman for his publication

Heartiest Congratulations to Mr. Aubhishek Zaman for his publication

For an M.Sc. student in a developing country to publish a book in a difficult area of genetics is something considered unachievable but Aubhishek Zaman, a graduate student in the Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Dhaka University has achieved that remarkable feat. GNOBB feel very proud to offer their heartiest congratulations to Mr. Aubhishek Zaman for authoring the book entitled “Drug Designing Approaches Using In-Silico Techniques: Computational Biology aids Drug Designing from Traditional Herbal Sources”. The book has been recently published by Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP).
Docking macromolecules to small ligands constitutes the central theme of in silico drug designing and in many ways this is analogous to the conventional target based drug designing concept. Two small molecules, sissotrin and silibin found in herbal sources are screened in the study for maximum score values to hypothesize one potential target molecule. PDGFR, ALOX5 and IGFBP3 are the discovered targets as revealed from the recent investigation carried out in this exciting field.
More about the book can be found in the link provided here. Abhishek’s research interests lie in Cell Signaling, Cancer, Molecular Drug Designing and Gene Therapy, Systems Biology and Agricultural Biotechnology.

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