Heartiest Congratulations to Samsad Razzaque

Heartiest Congratulations to Samsad Razzaque

This is the second time that within a short span of time Lambert Academy Publishing has published  two books written by our graduate students, Aubhishek Zaman at the Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology  and Samsad Razzaque at the the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, DU. GNOBB already congratulated Aubhishek  for authoring the book, “Drug Designing Approaches Using In-Silico Techniques and now GNOBB express its profound satisfaction on the achievement of Samsad Razzaque who is the author of the recently published book entitled, “A Brief Introduction on Proteomics.” The author explains in his own words the definition and scope of this newly emerging science.  “Proteomics is the most promising field to address any biological queries more accurately. The word “proteome” is derived from PROTEins expressed by a genOME, and it refers to all the proteins produced by an organism, much like the genome is the entire set of genes. Proteomic technologies play an important role in drug discovery, diagnostics and molecular medicine because of the link between genes, proteins and disease. As researchers study defective proteins that cause particular diseases with the help of advanced technologies, their findings will help to develop new drugs that either alter the shape of a defective protein or mimic a missing one. In the current study, technology behind proteome study is elaborately discussed and a few fields of the proteomics’ applications have been addressed. ” GNOBB wish him Godspeed and a brilliant career in his field of investigation

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