It’s one of the best things that has ever happened to GNOBB

It’s one of the best things that has ever happened to GNOBB

Nov. 28, 2013. As the Coordinator I feel so happy that within less than three hours, GNOBB has been able to provide a very important piece of information to Dr. Tanvir Rahman  who desperately needed to know how he could transship material which requires refrigeration. Mr AKM Faizur Rahman, Managing Director  of M/S RIFA Enterprise has replied that his company can handle transshipment of material requiring refrigeration.  Although it took a long time, GNOBB has been able to provide valuable service to its members. Probably some
members may urgently require parts of an equipment available in the laboratory of another GNOBB member. It’s possible that the lab in need of such a machinery part, some chemicals, some enzymes etc. may obtain them through requests posted on the GNOBB website. On behalf of GNOBB and on my own behalf I thank Mr Faizur Rahman to be of such a great help to Dr. Tanvir Rahman.

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