Let’s get our heads together – Ahmed A Azad

Let’s get our heads together – Ahmed A Azad

Professor Ahmed A. Azad – a very popular name in the GNOBB circle has published an interesting article entitled, “Let’s get our heads together,” in the 22nd October issue of the Dhaka Tribune. Please read the first few paragraphs and if you are interested in the whole article, click the  word  more

GNOBB will very much appreciate if the members express their candid opinion about the theme of the article and help the concerned authority  come to a tangible decision as to what should be the future course of action ensuring the progress of BD in the comity of nations.

A recent editorial in the Dhaka Tribune that made a strong case for making our universities “world class,” and the continuing furor over the admission tests at Dhaka University,  have raised questions about the relative standards of our secondary and tertiary institutions.

The quality and scope of primary and secondary education have in fact improved steadily in recent years, but there needs to be further improvement and standardization in the contents and teaching of core subjects such as the languages, mathematics and sciences under a unified system of schooling.

In international rankings this year, no university in Bangladesh made it to the list of 500 best universities in Asia, let alone the world. Dhaka University, the oldest and most prestigious university in Bangladesh, has capacity for only about 6,500 of the over 70,000 HSC students who received GPA 5 this year; about half of the remaining can be absorbed by other universities and technical institutes. The article concludes with the following remark, “Quality, relevance and full employment should be the focus of post-secondary education.”

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