Our hats off to BINA scientists from leading the country towards Food Autarky

Our hats off to BINA scientists from leading the country towards Food Autarky

Dhaka 15th October, 2013. GNOBB offer their heartiest felicitations to BINA (Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture) scientists for taking Bangladesh a step forward towards mitigating  its food deficit.

It has been a great achievement of the part of BINA agricultural scientists to release BINA Dhan-7 a few years back. BINA Dhan-7  is an early variety of rice which matures nearly one month earlier than other rice varieties but has an almost equal yield. After the harvest of the crop, the land is available a month earlier for the sowing of the Rabi crop such as potato, Green Gram (Phaseolus radiatus)  by farmers in northern Bangladesh. Farmers prefer BINA Dhan-7 to other early maturing Dhan because of its attractive grain color apart from its higher yield – almost 4.5 metric tons per hectare. This is indeed a piece of good news as it will go a long way towards the attainment of the country’s food security.

We also salute BRRI rice breeders for producing the world’s first and new zinc-enriched rice variety, BRRI dhan-62.  It  could be cultivated in Aman season and has been released  recently.  It’s a short-duration high-yielding variety (HYV) of rice. It is heartening to know that BRRII Dhan-62 is used to fight diarrhea and pneumonia-induced childhood deaths and stunting.

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