Polyploids and hybrids in changing environments

Polyploids and hybrids in changing environments

A recent  article  entitled, “Polyploids and hybrids in changing environments:” published in the current issue   of Heredity (110:95-96 reviews the evolutionary role  polyploids have played in the whole plant kingdom. The authors consider allopolyploids to be more invasive compared to autopolyploids.  It has been shown that the  allopolyploid complex has shown repeated patterns of invasion on multiple continents. They illustrate their hypothesis, giving the example of the gutatus–luteus complex in the United Kingdom. The paper explains why it is difficult to  make generalized predictions about the response of polyploids under changing environmental conditions. The article also points outthat it remains largely unresolved whether polyploidy, hybridization or both explain the potential for invasiveness and adaptation to varying environmental conditions. What is required is the integration of ecology, evolution and genomics, in both plants and animals: recent developments in genomic technologies indicate that with the new tools now available it is possible to unravel the mystery  of the trend of various evolutionary  paths affecting the evolution of allpolyploids.

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