Recent advances on the formation and function of plant cuticles

Recent advances on the formation and function of plant cuticles

Dhaka, Nov. 19, 2013, In an article titled, “The formation and function of plant cuticles,” published in the September issue of Plant Physiology,” Trevor H. Yeats and Jocelyn K.C. Rose at the Department of Biology, Cornell University, Ithaca discussed at the outset of the article about the considerable progress that has been made in bringing together current models for the biosynthesis of its two major components, namely, the polymer cutin and cuticular waxes. They have called attention to the recent breakthroughs in the molecular bases of alkane formation and polyester synthesis showing nearly complete biosynthetic pathways for both the compounds. They have pointed out that presently the picture controlling the cuticle synthesis is becoming clear. The results of their investigation have revealed that the role of the cuticle is not only its function as a transpiration barrier but it also participates in a process ranging from its development to its interaction with microbes. In this article they have reviewed the recent progress in the biochemistry and molecular biology of cuticle synthesis and function highlighting some important questions that will determine the future research trend in this relatively new field of research.

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