Shrimp cultivation in BD, the problem and its possible solution

Shrimp cultivation in BD, the problem and its possible solution

 Prof. MonjurDr. Md. Manjurul Karim

Realizing that the imported probiotics (Probiotics are microorganisms such as bacteria or yeast that are believed to improve health) may not work in Bangladesh environment, Prof. Dr. Karim at the Dept. of Microbiology, Dhaka University embarked on an ambitious project of  collecting and identifying local probiotics flora and testing them  whether any of these either individually or collectively can stop the periodical invasion of shrimps by virulent pathogens. It may be recalled that only a short time ago the whole shrimp industry faced a crisis when the Western countries decided to stop importing BD shrimps because of the dangerous infectious diseases they carried.
Recently, he was interviewed by a staff reporter of BanglaNews. Dr Karim lucidly discussed how serious the outbreak of shrimp  epidemics is and the prospect of controlling this scourge through the help of probiotics. Click here if you are interested to read the interesting account emanating from this interview.

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