The October issue vol 1 issue 10 of Biolife – a monthly organ of ACI is available now

The October issue vol 1 issue 10 of Biolife – a monthly organ of ACI is available now

The October issue vol 1 #10 of Biolife– a monthly organ of ACI (formerly Knows as ICI) has just been published. Although it’s primarily meant for promoting the company’s interest, some articles published there may be of interest to GNOBB readers. The first article, entitled “Beneficial Virus for Poultry Industry” contains useful information such as treatment with a bacteriophage developed by the company under the name, ‘Exolution’ which kills harmful pathogenic bacteria of the poultry industry such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus, E.coli and Clostridium. The second article entitled, deals with, “Alternative solution by ACI to save feeding cost.” The Company claims that the feeding cost can be considerably reduced by using ACI-developed CTCZYME. The patented product, the company claims, removes adverse effect of mannan like glucose absorption, insulin and IGF-1 secretion, Gastric pH and viscosity, Gastric empty, N retention, fat absorption and ME, absorption of glucose and water. The company has also developed organic chromium to fight stress in the Poultry Industry. It may be mentioned here that chromium is essential for regulating carbohydrate metabolism. The issue also contains an article about the launching of yield-robbing pest tolerant new soybean varieties developed by Pioneer Hybrid company expected to be commercially released next year. Another article, entitled, “India’s rice revolution,” describes a novel method of rice and potato cultivation where their yield has been considerably enhanced through adoption of the new method called, “System of Rice (or root) Intensification.” Using this innovative method, a village in India called Darveshpura is reported to have obtained world record of rice and potato yield.

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