Congratulations to Dr. Sabrina Elias for being selected as the TWAS young affiliate

Congratulations to Dr. Sabrina Elias for being selected as the TWAS young affiliate

GNOBB team congratulates Dr. Sabrina M Elias for being selected as the TWAS young affiliate. Dr. Elias is an executive comittee member of GNOBB and currently working as an assistant professor in the School of Environment and Life Sciences at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) every year selects up to 25 scientists younger than 40 as their Young Affiliates. Early-career scientists from developing nations with good publication records and potential for high impact career are given this honor. During their five year tenure, the young affiliates build networks with other affiliates and elected TWAS fellows, attend international conferences.

Her academic training and work experience have included both domestic and international perspectives on research. This includes implementation of bioinformatics, next-generation genomics, phenomics and molecular biology focusing on Bangladeshi rice genomic diversity and abiotic stress tolerance of rice. Previously she had worked in the National Jute genome Project in Bangladesh, BCSIR, Plant Biotechnology Lab (DU) with Dr. Zeba Seraj, and in Australian National University. Previously she was selected as TWAS.BVA.NXT fellow and FAOBMB young scientist fellowship awardee in 2012. For her impactful research works after doctoral study, she was selected as an awardee for the BBIS Impact award in 2020 from Bayer. She is a founding member of the National Young Academy of Bangladesh (NYAB) where she is elected as the treasurer and currently working as the Secretary (in charge). She has been actively involved in arranging international meetings and conferences as a part of these organizations. To know more about her works you can visit her site ( GNOBB wishes her the best in her endeavours.

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