Congratulations to Drs. Abidur Rahman and Arif Ashraf for developing cold stress resistant plant

Congratulations to Drs. Abidur Rahman and Arif Ashraf for developing cold stress resistant plant

GNOBB would like to congratulate Dr. Abidur Rahman and Dr. Arif Ashraf at Iwate University for developing the cold resistant plant. Temperature is one of the fundamental factors from the beginning of the earth and facilitator of early chemical and enzymatic reactions to create the complex form of life. Unfortunately, in the age of global warming, variability of the temperature around the globe all the year round has put our existence in danger. The change in the global climate is resulting in unpredicatble weather pattern and affecting many countries agricultural productivity with unusual long cold spell. The cold stress response mehansim in plant is complex and developing a true cold resistant plant has been a challenge. Recently, Dr. Abidur Rahmna's group could pinpoint the molecular and cellular regulations of cold stress to a single gene GNOM, which is guanine nucleotide exchange factors for ADP ribosylation factor (ARF GEF) and activates vesicle for endocytosis. The group showed that over expression of GNOM shows better growth dynamics under prolong cold stress exposure. These plants can grow and flower even when they are grown under continuous cold stress. They also demonstraed that overexpression of GNOM results in retaining the normal auxin homeostasis inside the cell, which facilitaes the gowth of the plant under cold stress. The sequence conservancy of GNOM between model plant Arabidopsis and crop plants such as tomato, rice, wheat holds huge potentiality to engineer the cold tolerant crop varieties in near future. This research work was published in The Plant Journal, one of the top ranked plant Journal

Dr. Rahman is one of the co-founders of GNOBB and currently serving as an Associate Professor at Iwate University, Japan. Dr. Ashraf is a former student of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Dhaka University and obtained his Ph.D. from Dr. Abidur Rahman's laboratory at Iwate University. We wish all the best to both of them. 

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