Congratulations to Professor Akhter Hossain

Congratulations to Professor Akhter Hossain

GNOBB community would like to convey its heartiest congratulations to Professor Akhter Hossain and his team at Florey Institute for their timely discovery of a novel compound which is a promising drug lead for the tratment colon motility disorders. Such disorders e.g diarrohoea and constipations are very common among the elderly people. Neurological disorders like spinal cord injury, parkinson disease etc are also associated with colon motility disorders. In the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health a team led by Professor Akhter Hossain and Professor John Furness designed and developed this novel compund that can mimic or oppose the actions of INSL5. Insulin-like peptide 5 (INSL5) is a gut hormone produced by the colonic L-cells, that regulates bowel movement. Earlier the team identified an agonist of INSL5 named INSL5-A13. The novel and patented compound named INSL5-A13NR is an antagosit that blocks agonist induced increae in colon motility in mice expressing RXFP4 which is receptor where the INSL5 binds naturally. is a potential drug lead for treatments of such colon motility disorders. The receptor activatd by INSL5 is a likely drug target to treat gut motility disorders. as well as bacterial dirrheas, since intracolonic administration of bacterial products (Short -chain fatty acids, SCFAs) induced colorectal propulsion is also antagonized by INSL5-A13NR. This potential drug lead will open up more scopes in investigation of such disorders.

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