RT-LAMP based inexpensive colorimetric test for Corona virus detection

RT-LAMP based inexpensive colorimetric test for Corona virus detection

GNOBB is very happy to congratulate GNOBB president Dr. Zeba Islam Seraj, Chair, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Dhaka and her research team for coming up with the small scale optimization and validation of a rapid and inexpensive 40 minute colorimetric test for SARS-COV2 virus detection in Bangladesh.  Using the open source information available in the internet, they demonstrated that this can be a cost effective diagnosis test to cover the need of mass population of Bangladesh. The test is called RT-LAMP and uses Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification for detection of DNA or RNA. RT-LAMP test is a well-known detection procedure and has been applied in many cases where expensive machineries are not available. Moreover, its simplicity and rapid results makes it suitable as point-of-care test. With an incubator for maintaining constant temperature this can be set in upazila levels where expensive RT-real time PCR based molecular diagnosis lab setup is not available. Moreover at the port of entries this quick test can be used to screen the incoming passengers and isolate asymptomatic carriers. RT-LAMP is a well-known test originally developed by a Japaneese team many years ago. Some countries including China, Israel, Canada and few more have tried this test in laboratory in small scale. They have published their results and made it open source so that other people can optimize the test as per their requirements. For corona positive samples it changes the original pink color to yellow color and negative samples remain as it is.  Kudos to Dr. Zeba I Seraj who has timely used open source information for the feasibility of the RT-LAMP test on a small scale with both RNA and swab samples for COVID19 diagnosis in Bangladesh. They are now on the process of consultation with the government so that a third party government approved laboratory can do a large scale trial to check the feasibility of this test for Bangladesh. 

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