Sadia Khanom’s paradigm to wipe out COVID-19

Sadia Khanom’s paradigm to wipe out COVID-19

What if I tell you that subtle curry traits are not only meant to make people laugh via Facebook memes but utilize science to make the world a better place?

Sadia Khanom,26 from Cheshire, England is a strong-willed scientist of Bangladeshi origin who developed a revolutionary spray acknowledged as ‘Voltique’. This innovative spray magnetizes and annihilates all pathogens resting on the surface on which it is applied. Before Voltique became the base of trendsetting news in the pandemic, Sadia had to delay her studies for PhD and work vigorously in her parents’ restaurant. That is where she analyzed the virus on a nano-molecular level and deduced diverse equations to look for the exact formula to kill the virus. Consequently, the same restaurant was used as a case study and Sadia examined her invention on all kinds of surfaces to evaluate the efficiency.

Voltique is a nanoscale disinfectant that can be employed across several industries on every single surface ensuring that those are 100% safe from COVID-19 for 14 days. Furthermore, it can be used in medical equipment, hotels, aircraft, and nuclear stations. It took 14 intensive months of research and at present, NHS, NASA, and numerous independent peer-reviewed laboratories have triumphantly tested Voltique. Moreover, Sadia has secured orders for Voltique worth over £10 million from 13 countries worldwide.

The concept of Voltique was brainstormed on the scent of eight months of research from Sadia Khanom, who was close to beginning her PhD in Alzheimer’s Research and Neurodegeneration. Voltique uses an innovative procedure that creates a hybrid biodegradable nanoscale barrier coating alowing recurrent disinfection upto 336 hours. The benefit of using the hybrid applicator is, the dual electrostatic and airless mechanism allows both metal and non-metal surfaces to be disinfected since electrostatic only can disinfect conductive materials. She expressed her excitement concerning funding Alzheimer’s research and fulfilling the dream of bringing early prevention of Alzheimer’s disease to light in the name of her grandfather. More information on votique can be found here (

Global Network of Bangladeshi Biotechnologists (GNOBB) offers profound appreciation and gratitude to Sadia Khanom for devising this groundbreaking invention during the pandemic. Last but not the least, we hope that the potentiality of Voltique enhances safety measures taken against COVID-19 and help businesses and households redeem extra costs on disinfectants and reduce cleaning hours around the globe.

image courtesy: Sadia Khanom with Voltique: Lee Mclean / SWNS and LA VIDA LIVERPOOL

Written by Nuzhat Faizah, Undergraduate Student, Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)

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