Congratulations to the Mechamind team and Salman Khan Promon

Congratulations to the Mechamind team and Salman Khan Promon

Mechamind secured the First position in ‘MIST Inter- University ICT Innovation Fest 2021 (Project Showcasing) and second runner-up in the “Robot Nokshar Ashor 2021”

Mechamind is dedicated to the development of an open community and collaboration. One of their ongoing projects is to develop low-cost 3D printed functional prosthetic arms named MechaArm- a 3D printed functional prosthetic arm developed by Mechamind won the positions in the mentioned events both held in October 2021. The events invited Bangladeshi applicants to display specific impactful and innovative project in the field of information technology, science or engineering.

MechaArm is electronically actuated and controlled by a user’s voice command or myoelectric signal. The MechaArm has the potential to be used by an amputee or person born without a limb. Fingers and palm are separate movement achieved with wrist movement. Commercial functional prosthetic hands are very expensive and as a result many amputees cannot even imagine of affording them. This is one issue that MechaArm addresses as it is low-cost and user-friendly.

The purpose of MechaArm is not limited here. Mechamind also envisions to provide skillsets to amputees so that they can be employees in future MechaArm developments.

The winning team of Mechamind consisted of Fahin Uddin Enam (CEO), Tahsin Ahmed Abir from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering department of Brac University, and Md. Saydur Rhaman Faraji from Brac Business School and Salman Promon, Lecturer at Independent University, Bangladesh who is the founder of Mechamind (also former student and former faculty of Brac University).

MechaArm’s video can be found at:





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