GNOBB Award 2019

GNOBB AWARDS - 2019 for Scientific Achievements 

Award noimnation is closed.

GNOBB will recognize achievements of Bangladeshi scientists by awarding them biennially in two categories. 

Category 1- Outstanding Bangladeshi scientists working in Bangladesh.

Category 2 -Outstanding Non Resident Bangladeshi scientists.

Selection process:

1) Potential awardees must have to be nominated by a GNOBB member using the official nomination form.
Please click here to download the nomination form.  (PDF version) | (MS WORD

2) The member can nominate any scientists of Bangladeshi origin. The candidate scientist does not necessarily need to be a GNOBB member.

3) Each GNOBB member can nominate only one scientist in each category.

4) The nominator should take verbal/written consent of the candidates before nomination.

5) The nominators must assure that the nominated candidates have a scholar profile in Google Scholar (If the candidate does not have one, the nominator should arrange it in consultation with the potential candidate). The profile URL must be mentioned in the nomination form.

6) The nominators have to write a short statement in support of his nomination.

7) Nomination forms must be submitted within the dead line of submission (August 31, 2019) and should be sent to GNOBB administration through email (

8) After the deadline of submission, a jury board, composed of Bangladeshi/NRB scientists from all over the world, will vet the nominations. At this stage, the jury will use the “Google scholar profile” to assess the impact and citations of the nominated scientist’s research. To clarify the research impact and citations, last 10 years publication record as first author and corresponding author will be evaluated. In case of multiple authors, 2nd and 3rd authorship will be evaluated accordingly. In addition, the journal impact will  be considered.

9) The adjudicators will select two candidates in each category based on their research performance and forward their recommendations to Chief Adjudicator of the jury board. If two candidates scholar profile look very similar, the adjudicators will have the freedom to choose one over another, but need to provide a detail explanation in support of his/her recommended candidate.

10) The chief adjudicator will screen the recommendations and select the final awardees. He/She will notify the results to other members on the board to take the board’s approval.

11) The awardees will be officially notified and invited by GNOBB President to receive the prize by the last week of September, 2019.

12) The awardees must have to commit to give award lectures in the next GNOBB conference.

Note: A candidate once judged as a GNOBB award holder won't be considered for further nomination in subsequent events.  However, the candidates who were nominated but not awarded could be further judged if a member nominates him/her again.

GNOBB Award 2019 nomination form download (PDF)

GNOBB Award 2019 nomination form download (MS WORD)